Connecting the Future 

A revolutionary new cryptocurrency for decentralized services.

QCOIN - Unstoppable Reach
QCOIN - Unstoppable Scale
QCOIN - Unstoppable Value

QCOIN = Unstoppable

QCoin is the worlds first usable Quantum Safe Cryptocurrency, with its own developed Blockchain “Yggdrasil”.

QCoin and is Blockchain has been developed to solve problems with the current Internet through full decentralization of services like VPN, Cloud Computing, and Storage.

Cross border scalability crates global reach with out limitations.

Built in Node hosting incentives through minting of coins creates global scale.


With Quantum1Net’s powerful first class features, QCoins will be used both to run decentralized services and to use Quantum1Net services. 


QCoin will permit the development of decentralized services such as decentralized markets, private networks, web-hosting, insurance contracts, crowdfunding platforms, and these are just a few examples, as any Internet service can be deployed on Quantum1Net’s service platform and gain Decentralization, Quantum Security and Cross Border scalability.

The average user will hold QCoins and pay for Quantum1Net services in the same way they pay to access the internet, via Pay-As-You-Go or by monthly subscriptions. 

Each Node is also a market place for QCoins, a Node Holder can start their own Shop and sell QCoins for other Crypto or with a Paypal or Stripe account, sell with Cards.  


The Internet and Networking is the base of all crypto, it is where the P2P transactions and the consensus happens.

Without the internet there are no CryptoCurrencies. 

As the value of any currency should be based on the amount of adaptation it has, it means that the value of a CryptoCurrency, not its perceived value, would be based on adaptation and adaptation = usage. 

That gives us the formula CurrencyValue = Usage / Time as the more a currency is used in a limited time frame the higher the value, following Supply and Demand.

So what if I told you that Quantum1Net is based of this value calculation? As the Q-Coin is not only for monetary transactions but also used to pay for any and all services on Quantum1Net the formula becomes CurrencyValue = MonetaryTransactions / Time + PayedDataTransations / Time.

All services and transactions on Quantum1Net generate value for the Q-Coin, not just the monetary transactions.


Quantum1Net is developed to be a Autonomous. Intelligent. Quantum Safe, Decentralized Service Platform.

Quantum1Net is through Decentralization, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency changing the Internet, reshaping the landscape for deploying and maintaining online services.

Quantum1Net is a service  platform and a maintenance system that makes it possible for any developer to build and publish next-generation distributed services.

Qcoin, Quantum1Net’s native crypto, powers the services on the decentralized network.

Quantum1Net can be used to maintain, decentralize, secure and manage just about anything from a simple web-site to full Smart City.

Some example services are: Web-Services,  Decentralized Private Networks, Voting, domain names, Distributed Computing, Company Governance.

Quantum1Net has developed its own decentralized consensus using a pseudo-random signing node function, so that transactions in New York can be signed for in New York. 

To find out more about how Quantum1Net works, consult the Blockchain white Paper and quantum security white papers Cryptography and Protocol.


The Q1N framework is service and application agnostic through use of Service Manifests, that can be applied in any context on any service.

For each service on Quantum1Net, there is a Service Manifest that keeps track of permissions and enforces the service maintainers policies.

A Service Manifest can even generate child manifests for temporary access to service part or data sets, the manifests can be stacked to provide new solutions, this unique feature opens up new doors for Decentralized Service solutions.

Putting the Power of Decentralization in everybody’s hands.


Quantum Computer Enhanced Hacking is coming, and we at Quantum1Net has as a Core goal to make sure that both Qcoin and the services that run on Quantum1Net never is at risk.

Therefore we have developed an in-house encryption solution for creating Quantum Safe tunnels in between the Nodes in Quantum1Net.

We are also using a Quantum Resistant Merkel hash tree to guarantee that the Blockchain is Quantum safe.


This provides us with Quantum Protection transfers between Nodes, and processing, storage on the Nodes.


Based on a “grid model” a peer-to-peer system, or P2P system, is a collection of software nodes run on several computers, which connect remotely to each other to complete a function or a task. There is no main operating system to which any systems are subordinate. 

This approach to service development (and distribution) creates great savings, as there is no need to have to create a central control point. 

Decentralized Services is more Cost efficient and more secure then centralized Services.



The decentralized private network:

• There are no centralized servers

• All connections are End2End encrypted tunnels

• All payload data is Quantum Safe

• Exit points can be random bounced or chosen by geographic area 

• No central point of fail

• There are no logs kept anywhere in the system

• Nothing is ever saved 

• Uses port 80 (www) to negotiate a tunnel through any university/corporate Lan

• Uses port 80 (www) to negotiate a tunnel through country “firewalls” (Iran, China)

• No ugly fine print in user agreement, no logs no data saved period! 

• works on restricted network


The Q1N GhostWire is a fully decentralized web-hosting solution. 

  • register a domain name,
  • subscribe to the service,
  • create the website
  • deploy on Quantum1Net

Your site is now Quantum protected and decentralized, so there is no one point to attack and you are the only one who can edit or take down the site.


The Q1N Teleporter is the instant massager you have been looking for.

  • Direct connection, no servers in between sender and receiver
  • Quantum Safe End2End encryption using the Quantum1Net’s QKSP technology 
  • Send files or chat and never worry that somebody may be listening or intercepting your data

Market Place

Each Node contains its own Market Place it is like a “Webshop” included in the Node.

It can be activated by the Node Holder and be used to sell minted Q-Coins,

as hard copies of Q-Coins for cash,

receive payment in other crypto’s,

you can even add in a PayPal or Stripe account and charge with cards.

Why Buy Now?

This is your chance to get Q-Coins at a fixed, discounted price!

Lock-in your Supply of QCoins before the Sales ends 

Buy now to write in a message of 140 chars to the Root Block

Q-Coin Crowd-Sale fact box

Q-Coin is one necessary part — a driver — for operating the decentralized service platform we are building: Quantum1Net. It is the utility that makes the wheels go round.

People interested in acquiring Q-Coins to build and release decentralized services, or to pay for their usage, are able to do so in the ongoing Crowd Sale, thereby locking-in their supply at a known price.
— This sale will help us fund the continued development of Quantum1Net and its base services, DPN and GhostWire scheduled for release in the winter of 2019/2020.
— Once the first on-chain Q-Coins is created in the Root Block, people who have purchased Q-Coins in the crowd-sale will be able to use their Q-Coins with a Quantum1Net wallet.
— Please note that before the release of the Root Block in the winter of 2019/2020, Q-Coins will not be usable in any way, in fact it wont be created on-line until that point in time.
If you have already purchased Q-Coins, you can check your account balance by logging in at https://q1n.quantum1net.com

“Decentralized solutions are coming fast, cryptocurrency is a major factor “


“Any good Quantum Encryption should be based on Quantum Mechanics”


“Few technologies have the same potential to impact society as a whole”


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“Security and privacy in all communications should be a human right”


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“With the emerging technologies, the world as we know it will change for the better”


“Without trust and a Quantum Secured transactional environment there is only scam, abuse, and chaos”

The 4 Why’s of Quantum1Net